Former Members

If your information is out of date, or you are missing from the list, please contact Professor Harned to let him know – keep in touch!

Graduate Students

  • Nick Moon (Ph.D. 2015) – Current location: Tim Long group, Virginia Tech, Department of Chemistry
  • Erik Goebel (Ph.D. 2014) – Current location: Textile Based Delivery
  • Karen Beckman (Ph.D. 2014) – Current location: William Mitchell College of Law
  • Kyle Kalstabakken (Ph.D. 2014) – Current location: 3M
  • Kelly Volp (Ph.D. 2014) – Current location: 3M
  • Pat Lang (M.S. 2009)
  • Diane Quern (M.S. 2010)
  • Alison Thorsness (M.S. 2010)


  • Dr. Laxmidhar Rout – Current location: Assistant Professor, Berhampur University, Odisha, India
  • Dr. Rodolfo Tello-Aburto – Current location: Assistant Professor, New Mexico Tech, Department of Chemistry


  • Savannah Henneke
  • Lydia McKay – Current location: University of Utah, School of Pharmacy
  • Annie Zhang (2015 Welch Scholar from A&M Consolidated High School, College Station, TX) – Current location: UT Austin


  • Steve Anderson
  • Faustina Boa-Amponsem
  • Cynthia Crawford
  • Pat Fahey (Summer LANDO student from Washington University)
  • Megan Furner (Summer LANDO student from King’s College)
  • Jiaxuan Guo
  • Amber Johnson – Last known location: UC Riverside, Hooley group, Ph.D. 2014
  • Hanna Key (Summer LANDO student from Grinnell College) – Current location: UC Berkeley, Hartwig group
  • Bryan Murray
  • Sean Lund – Current location: NC State, Williams group
  • Alister Olson – Last known location: Iowa State, Ecology, M.S. 2013
  • Andrew Ross (Summer LANDO student from Earlham College)
  • Nick Simes
  • Lylien Tan
  • Andrew Torres
  • Bennett Thompson (Summer LANDO student from Ohio Wesleyan University) – Current location: Yale, Hazari group
  • Will Wolf – Current location: UC Berkeley, Toste group
  • Eve Yang